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Venus Flytrap 10 seeds
Venus Flytrap 10 seedsVenus Flytrap 10 seeds
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Venus Flytrap carnivorous plant - 10 seeds

The Venus Flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant that catches and digests animal prey, mostly insects and arachnids. The Venus flytrap trapping structure is formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves and is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces.

When an insect or spider crawling along the leaves of venus flytrap contacts a hair, the trap closes if a different hair is contacted within twenty seconds of the first strike. The requirement of redundant triggering in this mechanism serves as a safeguard against a waste of energy in trapping objects with no nutritional value.

Venus Flytrap/Dionaea muscipula does not need fertilizer as it absorbs all necessary ingredients from its prey!

The Venus Flytrap is a small plant whose structure can be described as a rosette of four to seven leaves, which arise from a short subterranean stem that is actually a bulb-like object. Each venus flytrap stem reaches a maximum size of about three to ten centimeters, depending on the time of year, longer leaves with robust traps are usually formed after flowering. Venus Flytraps that have more than 7 leaves are colonies formed by rosettes that have divided beneath the ground.

The Venus Flytrap exhibits variations in petiole shape and length and whether the leaf lies flat on the ground or extends up at an angle of about 4060 degrees.

Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) growing instructions included.

"Tags: Venus flytrap, Dionaea Muscipula, carnivorous plant"

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